Oblate Spheroid Storage Container - White Wash Rattan

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Handcrafted Oblate Spheroid Storage Container with a lid and handle made from Rattan with a White Wash Finish.

We used to keep our spare coins in one of these while I was a child growing up in Hong Kong. These containers have so many uses. It’s got a tight fitted lid so no one can see what you have in there. 

What it’s made from:  Rattan. Rattan is a vine that grows in healthy forests. Rattan is a fast to mature vine, making it ideal for homeware and furniture manufacturing, growing over hundreds of feet above the tree canopies, one vine can produce multiple products. The tight weave of Rattan and the natural barrier against humidity makes this material highly durable, ensuring you a lifetime of use.

Dimensions: 22cm (D) x 15cm (H)

As all items are hand-crafted, Dimensions may vary.