Coconut Bowls

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Natural Polished Coconut Bowls

These Coconut Bowls could be used to hold your keys by your door, hold your cotton buds in the bathroom, or used for your breakfast cereal. As they are completely natural, when they have finally had their last use, it has 1 more, you can use them to plant your sprouts in the garden.
Dishwasher Safe. Use on low temperature setting for a longer lasting Coconut Bowl.

What it’s made from: Bali Coconuts. These Coconut Bowls have come straight off the trees of Bali. Once the Coconut Water has been extracted and the Coconut Flesh has been removed, the husk is removed from the Coconut, and the shell is Polished to create these beautiful Natural Coconut Bowls.

Large - 13cm (D) x 9cm (H)
Small - 11cm (D) x 7cm (H)
As all items are Natural Products, Dimensions can vary.